Health Promotion Board Singapore: I QUIT – From anti-smoking to pro-quitting

Principal authors: Sonal Narain and Jon Loke, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Contributing authors: Benoit Wiesser, Tim Broadbent, Steve Back, Dan Gibson, Shirley Tay, Troy Lim, Tania Chan, Jamie Tang, Ng Hui Min and Tow Huiwen, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore


The Model State and Smoking

To many countries around the world, Singapore, a small and highly prosperous country is a model state, often serving as an inspiration, prototype and testing ground for the implementation of policies and measures, for a whole host of things- clean and efficient public transport, greener city living, safety and especially public health policy.

It has for a long time, prided itself on one the lowest rates of smoking in the world, leading the worldwide effort to curb smoking both in terms of the extent of measures and communications, as well as their effectiveness.