Campari - ReDesign

Agency name: DDB Srl
Client name: Campari
Category: Brand building


The Milan Furniture Show is the quintessential design exhibition.

Camparisoda, with its bottle designed by the futurist Depero in the 20s, could be the quintessential design drink.

Campari wanted to build awareness of the new logo/image, which was more linked to its roots than before.


Reinforce the awareness of Camparisoda as an icon of design during the Milan Furniture Show of 2008.

Use the Show as a medium to build awareness around the new logo/image and encourage people to drink it during the thousands of aperitif parties in Milan.


Creative concept: "The only piece of design perfect for an aperitif."

Event: The designer Markus Benesch was invited to set-up and design the installations and exhibition. He updated the design aspects of the Camparisoda bottle, taking inspiration from the colour and shape of the famous original design by futurist Depero.