Shell – Velocita

Principal Author: Andy Brown - The Marketing Store
Contributing Authors: Stephen Barber, Douglas Moody-Stuart - The Marketing Store; Tina Chao - Shell


This is the story of how The Marketing Store developed what is considered to be Shell's most successful ever self-liquidating, global promotion. The working title for this program is Velocita, suggestive of Italy and speed.

Shell, a global brand with operations in over 80 markets required a campaign that would build both positive brand equity and encourage 'non-users' and 'fuel switchers' to visit Shell more often and, at the same time, upgrade to Shell Premium fuel.

The clients marketing objectives were formalised as:

Develop a major self liquidating, global promotional initiative for Shell, which leverages the unique Shell/Ferrari relationship and provides a genuinely differentiated incentive and a communications programme that can make a real difference with fuel 'Switchers' and 'Non-users'.