Luxottica: The most important story you will ever read to your child

Saatchi & Saatchi

What was the strategic communications challenge?

OPSM has always been committed to delivering superior quality vision care to all Australians — it's ingrained in their culture and central to their brand promise. It was an alignment of passion and commitment to quality vision care that led Luxottica to acquire OPSM in 2003, providing a high-margin retail channel for its eyewear product (augmenting its volume wholesale operations).

For OPSM to deliver value to Luxottica it must remain a premium player.

Maintaining a price premium was not an issue until Specsavers entered the Australian market six years ago, growing rapidly to become the clear market share leader

Unlike OPSM, Specsavers is more 'mass retailer' than optometrist with an efficient business model designed to deliver 'good enough' vision care at a lower cost. To keep consumers focused on price, Specsavers have rapidly imitated OPSMs product/service innovations. Specsavers then dominate the vision care conversation, driving home its low-price message with more than double the media spend of OPSM.