Always #likeagirl: Changing the meaning of words to make girls proud to be girls

Anna Coscia

Campaign details

Client: P&G
Agency: Leo Burnett
Brand: Always


Always was trusted at a functional level, but found itself losing relevance amongst younger women, who were drawn to brands which engaged them at a more emotional level. Differentiation through product performance alone was no longer enough. The brand needed a greater meaning and relevance.


The core of the Always brand has historically been 'confidence', expressed through the superior performance of its products. But confidence also has a powerful emotional resonance, enabling us to find a new relevance which built on everything the brand already represented.

Our exploration of confidence led to the discovery that puberty is a time of confidence crisis in girls and that gender stereotyping has a significant detrimental effect at this vulnerable moment. Apparently small things, like using the expression 'like a girl' as an insult, constantly send out the message that being female is 'not good enough'. This affects girls deeply, just at the time when they are actually learning what it means to be a woman.