Defence Force Recruitment: Mobile Medic

Campaign Details

Brand Owner: Defence Force Recruitment
Agency: GPY&R Melbourne
Brand: Defence Force Recruitment
Country: Australia
Industry: Government & Non-Profit
Channels Used: Live events, microsite, mobile app

Executive Summary

With this campaign, the Australian army challenged medical students to diagnose real-life injuries and ailments displayed on posters and billboards that linked to an augmented reality app. Via the app, students could use virtual stethoscopes and CT scans, among other tools, to aid their diagnosis – and help them feel closer to the brand.

Campaign background

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is one of the country's largest employers, recruiting as many as 10,000 employees across different job categories annually for the Navy, Army and Air Force. Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) is the unit within the ADF that is responsible for all recruitment activities. There are over 350 roles in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Some are easier to recruit for than others (who doesn't want to be a fighter pilot, right?). But very few people are harder to recruit than university medical students. These students are highly sought after and have no shortage of options.