The real Brazil: 3 national stereotypes, 3 national truths

Joseph Clift

Just like other nations, Brazil is defined by its stereotypes. Ask the typical foreigner about Brazil, and they will reel off a long list, with football, samba, the sun and beaches close to the top.

But what's the truth that lies behind this received wisdom? Flamingo, a global insight and brand consultancy, organised a briefing in London in July 2014 in an attempt to answer these questions. Three Brazilian speakers each tackled a different stereotype – and gave their expert opinion on whether or not each stereotype is valid.

Beyond the stereotypes, one thing is not in doubt: Brazil is becoming an increasingly major player on the world stage, culturally, politically and economically. And global companies are taking notice of this fact – Flamingo itself is set to open an office in São Paulo this September.

An ad-obsessed nation?