How Tourism Australia forged a strong collaboration between marketing and IT

Andrea Sophocleous

As marketing and technology are blurring, the relationship between the chief marketing officer and the chief technology officer is becoming increasingly important. Tourism Australia CMO Nick Baker and CIO Dave Rumsey offered tips at the recent Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney on improving collaboration and effectiveness between these two important functions.

"The challenge was learning each other's language. It is about language, it is about walking a mile in their shoes and understanding what their platforms are," Baker told conference delegates. "Marketing has always been part science, part art. I think we're in one of those passages where you need that science bit to help you out.

"Once you realise that you need it, then you better understand it and… your own organisation is the best place to learn. And find out what they're [CIOs] into – even if you have to buy their weird magazines."