Mobile Facebook advertising

Todd Herrold

Facebook dominates the social networking space and, in tune with the zeitgeist, is now moving to a mobile-led audience. So how can advertisers and brands tap into the new, mobile-led Facebook world? Todd Herrold of Kenshoo offers somes solutions.

Over the past ten years, Facebook has grown to dominate the social networking space, announcing 1.23 billion active users and revenues of $7.87 billion for 2013 in its most recent earnings report. But Facebook is changing - and moving to a mobile-led audience. More than 500 million people now access the platform daily via mobile, and people in the Us check their Facebook mobile app, on average, 14 times a day, according to IDC. By Q4 2013, over half (53%) of Facebook's revenues came from mobile, with just 23% of monthly active users solely accessing it from a desktop or laptop computer.