Data best practices: Curation, ethnography and asking better questions

Joseph Clift

"Data makes us think differently," said Chris Baylis, ECD of independent creative agency iris worldwide, summing up the message of a Forum session held by iris at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

But what, asked Baylis and Ben Essen, iris' head of planning, are some practical and achievable ways that agencies can embed good data practices in the way they work?

Brands and agencies are already tapping into the much-heralded Big Data trend in order to make better work. But, one major argument from iris is that they still need to be smarter in their data use.

Through all the case studies mentioned by the presentation, there was one big point of guidance, as summed up by Essen: "You get innovative ideas from using the data to ask questions."

Source: Iris Worldwide

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