The importance of reach: Contrasting approaches from Mondelez and Mars

Brian Carruthers

They're both major confectionery manufacturers, they're both focused on reach as the way to drive growth, but while one remains wedded to television, albeit with award-winning forays into social, the other sees social at scale as its future.

Speaking at Marketing Week Live, an event held in London in June 2014, Sonia Carter, head of digital and social marketing, Europe, Mondelez International, offered the fascinating statistic that in campaign for its US brand Nilla, 99% of the sales driven by Facebook were from people who had not engaged with any content – they hadn't liked or shared or commented but had just seen a post. "It's like TV," she said.

Accordingly, Mondelez was boosting reach via promoted posts, regarding these as the best way of doing so at scale. Carter observed a shift from the previous funnel approach, where brands used social for deep engagement with a few people, to using social as a megaphone to talk to as many people as possible.