Most Innovative Brands 2014

Incite, in partnership with AIP


What is innovation? What role does it play in driving purchases? Which brands do consumers perceive to be most innovative? In this report, we are going to explore these questions and more.

Intuitively, we all know that innovation plays a huge role in driving purchases, but, oftentimes, intuitions can be wrong. Never one to be befuddled, Incite, the award-winning UK strategic research agency, undertook a study in 2011 and 2013 to delve into this topic.

Back then, the study was focused entirely on UK consumers, which was understandable, given that the company had not yet expanded beyond the shores of UK. This, however, changed with the opening of the Singapore and New York office last year.

To get a good grasp of Singaporeans, Incite Singapore office conducted an in-depth study involving more than 2000 consumers. The study was conducted in partnership with AIP, a leading online panel provider with a network spanning 12 countries. This report is the culmination of months of dedicated research and is intended to arm marketers with insights that will give their brands the winning edge over competitors.

Importance of innovation