What Makes People “Like” Comedic-Violence Advertisements? A Model for Predicting Attitude and Sharing Intention

Yeuseung Kim

DePaul University

Hye Jin Yoon

Southern Methodist University

Management slant

  • For best results with comedic-violence appeals, advertisers should focus on developing campaigns that are high in perceived humor. Although violence can be used to increase arousal, humor should be the central focus.
  • As there is a negative influence of perceived violence on ad attitude, a careful testing of the violence component is extremely important; depicting intense violence might be a risky choice.
  • Targeting is essential with comedic-violence advertisements. For example, the younger demographic is more likely to have a positive attitude and share ads than the older; advertisements have a better chance of succeeding when placed in a context that could attract high-arousal seekers.
  • For behavioral targeting, advertisers should target those who have a history of sharing videos.