PEEPS: Express your peepsonality

Category: Snacks/Desserts/Confections
Brand/client: PEEPS® / Just Born
Lead agency: The Terri & Sandy Solution
Contributing agencies: e.PR, Pipeline Interactive and MediaWorx

State of the marketplace & brand's business

Acquired by family-owned Just Born, Inc. in 1953, PEEPS® built a solid business and a passionate following behind limited marketing investments. The brand typically ran a holiday promotion or two and benefitted from PR efforts and lots of word-of-mouth.

But in recent years, the confection category, always competitive, has become exceedingly aggressive, with deep-pocketed international giants making huge media investments: M&M's annual media spend tops $100 million; Snicker's $85 million; Reese's $75 million.(1) The list goes on. Needless to say, you can't compete against that kind money and firepower with a couple of promotions, no matter how beloved your brand. Just Born understood as much and was determined to compete with the category's heavyweights.