ZYRTEC: Muddle no more

Category: Healthcare - OTC
Brand/client: ZYRTEC / McNeil Consumer Healthcare
Lead agency: JWT New York

State of the marketplace & brand's business


Since 2008, the market for over-the-counter (OTC) 24-hour allergy medications had been a battle between two brands: long-established category leader Claritin and challenger ZYRTEC®. But as of 2011, there was a new player in town: Allegra was a formidable competitor, offering the most functional benefits the category had ever seen, and supported with an unprecedented level of advertising spend.

In 2011 Allegra spent over $147 million in media – nearly as much as Claritin and ZYRTEC® combined. As a consequence, ZYRTEC® had seen its share of spend drop from 46% to 24%, putting it firmly in third place in the category. (Source Kantar)