California State Lottery: Powerball - believe in something bigger

Category: Government/Institutional/Recruitment
Brand/client: California State Lottery / The California State Lottery
Lead agency: David&Goliath
Contributing agencies: Initiative

State of the marketplace & brand's business

In November of 2012, the California State Lottery Commission approved bringing Powerball, the national lottery jackpot draw game, to California that April. That left only a 4-month lead-time to produce a campaign to introduce this behemoth of a game to Californians. And this couldn't be just any launch, either: this was going to be the largest advertising push from the California Lottery to date, for the largest game in the state, the largest game in the nation and, with California now participating, the jackpots were going to be larger than ever before. Big things were coming to the California Lottery. But would Californians embrace it?

Strategic communications challenge