Pepsi: Welcoming Beyonce to the world's biggest stage

Category: Entertainment & Sports
Brand/client: Pepsi / PepsiCo
Lead agency: Mekanism

State of the marketplace & brand's business

Soda is no longer king. Over the past several years the carbonated soft drink category has been losing consumers. Pepsi has been losing more than its fair share of consumers and losing them at a faster rate than Coca-Cola. From Aug 2012 through Aug 2013, the CSD category shrank by 3.8% overall, with Coke losing 3.4% of consumer and Pepsi shrinking by a whopping 5.7%.1 Even more disconcerting, Coca-Cola was registering as more culturally relevant to Millennial consumers and achieving more conversation (and more positive sentiment) in social media as measured by SIM score and PTAT metrics on Facebook.2

Strategic communications challenge