Situation Stockholm: CV campaign

Agency: Ingo Stockholm
Advertiser: Situation Stockholm
Brand: Situation Stockholm
Country: Sweden


About Situation Stockholm

The business idea of Situation Stockholm, a magazine sold by homeless individuals, is to raise awareness around homelessness, more pragmatically, give the homeless an opportunity to make a bit of money. Most people in Stockholm are well familiar with Situation Stockholm as the magazine has existed since 1995.

Macro situation: pressure on homeless people

The number of homeless individuals in Stockholm has increased by approximately 10% over the past years, mostly due to a growing inflow of EU immigrants to the capital1 2. The pressure on homeless people in seeking permanent housing has increased, indicated by a sizable increase in acute homelessness from 2010 to 20123. The increasing number of homeless have made people more indifferent - it has become harder to sell the magazine.