Ford Parts & Service: Avocado

Agency: Y&R Toronto
Advertiser: Ford Canada
Brand: Ford Parts & Service
Country: Canada



When Ford drivers need light repair and maintenance, they have two choices: they can take their Ford to the dealership for repair, or they can go to a generic garage (local or national chain). Dealerships are often perceived to be the more expensive option (some people call them 'stealerships'), and people don't see the difference between what Ford offers and what the 'no name' garage down the street offers. In truth, Ford's offering is great value for drivers' money. They hire certified, trained technicians, who go through extensive ongoing training to work on your Ford (generic garages hire mechanics of varying skill levels) and use their own brand of parts (Motorcraft) which are sturdier and more durable than the parts generic garages use. Our parts and service comes with backing and guarantees generic garages simply don't offer. We needed to make people understand and, more importantly, believe this.