V/Line: Guilt Trips

Agency: McCann Melbourne
Brand: V/Line
Country: Australia


V/Line is Victoria's regional train operator, connecting commuters from country Victoria to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne's centre, and vice versa. In recent years, V/Line has seen a dramatic shift in the dynamics of the Victorian marketplace.

A volatile mix of high metropolitan housing prices, ever increasing traffic delays in Melbourne's outer suburbs and a range of Government incentives have seen a surge in people migrating out of the city suburbs to Victorian country towns.

Although this has had a positive impact on V/Line business in the form of peak travel sales, the shifting dynamics have not impacted the Visiting Friends and Family segment of their market. Effectively, V/Line had a two-speed business. During peak periods there were barely enough seats to meet the demand, but during off-peak periods such as midweek, during the day, carriages were almost deserted.