Integrative Ideas and Social Brands: Insights from the Warc Prize for Social Strategy

Faris Yakob

In the 15 or so years since digital technologies fundamentally changed the nature of media and commerce, and thus advertising (a function thereof), what's remarkable is how little variance in opinion there has actually been.

Agencies and individuals allied to traditional business models initially ignored the impact, then began to initially embrace it primarily through token hires and lip-service, and then began to embrace the countervailing notion that actually the web had indeed been a fad. The AdContrarian has made his name this way, anchoring his dismissal of digital advertising in scathing attacks on banners. He knows a key way to be interesting and get attention, which is to loudly attack things people generally believe to be true [such as the idea that digital technologies have fundamentally changed the nature of media, as I opined in the first line.]