Outdoor measurement: A route to better returns

Sam Fellows, Chris Felton and Sarah Wotherspoon
Ohal, JCDecaux and Kinetic

Route, the updated version of Postar, uses richer, captured data, such as GPS-recorded consumer movement and more panels, to provide more accurate audience and RoI measurement for outdoor campaigns.

In the past, out-of-home (OOH) has lacked a robust measurement approach, putting it at a disadvantage compared with other media channels.

To a large extent, the problem lies in the data used in the Marketing Mix Model (MMM). The data used to represent an OOH campaign – most often spend or total panels – did not always accurately reflect the way in which consumers were exposed to it. When the data was then viewed against a brand's sales, the true impact of OOH was often missed.

Another cause of frustration for OOH planners is that the context around media results can be left out of MMM results.