The 10 principles of open business

David Cushman

In today's economy, companies need to adopt Open Business practices to compete effectively – everything from being a networked organisation to sharing data to reduce the cost of innovation – argues.

Many business leaders are starting to realise that applying the principles of 'Open Business' to their organisations and institutions is one of the most effective ways of building the trust so many large brands have lost in the age of the web.

Not only that, they are discovering that Open provides the best fit with the way the world is now. It gives them the opportunity to take advantage of the same disruptions start-ups would seek to turn against them.

If Open is the New Normal – as UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg stated at the 2013 G8 Summit in London – then so is disruption.

Knowing what we now know about how new technologies have disrupted traditional business processes (from marketing to customer service, from raising capital to delivering innovation), would you choose to rebuild your business as you find it around you?