Patchwork branding and the necessary death of singularity: How brands are built in the digital age

Adil Ismeer
Iris Worldwide

The Admap Prize 2014

This essay was Commended by The Admap Prize 2014 judges.
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The idea that your brand must stand for one thing is dead. Success in a digital world requires singularity to be ditched in favour of a patchwork of multiple experiences and ideas.

Abrand is a single notion or idea that exists in the minds of our consumers. This used to be true. Everything that has ever been theorised about brands has always pointed towards singularity – a brand purpose, a brand mission, a brand identity, a brand essence, a unique selling point, etc. And this makes sense – singular ideas, concepts and notions are easy to handle. They are simple to understand and can rally people behind them. They provide a guiding light to those without direction.