Trendwatch: Maturialism

David Mattin

It's increasingly difficult to capture the attention of consumers who are bombarded with images, content and must-buy products at every turn. Cynical and fatigued, they are immune to seen-it-before products, vanilla brands or bland campaigns that offer little in the way of excitement or entertainment.

That's why they will appreciate, if not expect, brands that deliver some Maturialism: think daring, quirky and risqué campaigns, products and services. In a social media-led world, it's the stories that surprise, amuse or shock that are shared as consumers seek to derive status and differentiation from the extraordinary and the unusual.

But these aren't the only factors driving the desire for brands with (outsized) personality. As middle classes in emerging markets become more affluent, urban and well travelled, their tastes evolve. This consumer demand for products and brands that push (even cross) traditional boundaries of taste and sensibility only looks set to grow.