JetBlue learns the bright side of mixing social media and CSR

Geoffrey Precourt


It is not the most auspicious name for one side of a partnership with an airline. And the exclamation point that's part of its proper name doesn't soften the impact of the association.

But partnering with a kids-focused not-for-profit organization made all the sense in the world for JetBlue Airways – a carrier that since its founding in 1999 has been on a mission "to bring humanity back to the skies."

In the years since making that initial pledge, JetBlue reports that it has "taken our promise below our wings and beyond our airports, bringing the customer service in the sky to charitable services on the ground."

The problem was this: no one knew about all the good work it was doing. In fact, just as social media was becoming a powerful brand-shaping dynamic, JetBlue was one of the early victims of a viral campaign that spun out of control in 2007.