Happy shoppers: The role of shopper emotion in Indonesian convenience store shopping

Alastair Gordon
Gordon & McCallum
Dwinarizki Setyorini, Mamik Leonardo and Farquhar Stirling
DEKA Marketing Research


Convenience stores represent a relatively young, but fast growing, retail channel across most Asian markets. (N.B., in this paper the term "convenience store" refers to both Convenience and Mini-market outlets, see definitions below). In particular in Indonesia, recent growth has been spectacular, with estimates of over 15% sales growth p.a. In 2013, DEKA Marketing Research, in collaboration with Gordon & McCallum (an international research consultancy), undertook a series of research studies designed to better understand the growth in use of this channel, and to provide in-depth insights into the way customers engage with such stores. The research combined Qualitative (Focus Groups), Quantitative survey (entry/exit interviews) and a mobile based "Neuro-research" (Facial Imaging) phase. As a result researchers were able to obtain a wide range of inputs to understand convenience store shoppers.