Value exchange advertising in freemium games: Behaviour and attitude survey points to positive trends for gamers, developers and marketers

Christine Arrington
IHS Technology

  • Microtransactions used widely in freemium gaming will account for 39% of spending on games in the North American market by 2017.
  • In app purchases used widely in freemium games will account for 90% of worldwide spending on mobile games by 2017
  • Mobile, tablet and PC devices will account for 54% of spending on games content by 2017 in Western markets.
  • Developer interviews confirm that often as little as 5% of gamers playing freemium games pay for premium content.
  • The research showed gamers are embracing value exchange advertising.
  • Developer interviews indicate value exchange advertising is driving revenue in some games.
  • Marketers are enjoying deeper brand engagement through in-game value exchange advertising.
  • After initial exposure to in-game value exchange advertising, the research showed that participating gamers spent more hours playing those games and stronger intent to purchase premium items.

Executive summary