Mobile meets travel in Asia: Tips from Expedia, Starwood and Resorts World Sentosa

Low Lai Chow

A few years ago, consumers in Asia typically booked flights and hotels while sitting at work. "There was a lot of browsing during office hours. At the end of the day – roughly around 5pm, 6pm – when people were about to go home, that's when they would make some bookings," David Yong, AirAsiaExpedia's head of product, told delegates at the eTail Asia conference.

"On the weekends, we would see a bit of a lull for bookings, and that's because people were at their desks more with their jobs."

The rise of mobile, however, means these patterns are evolving: Expedia's traffic still spikes during the working day, but it now does so again from 9pm to 10pm, as people relax at home with wireless devices – especially tablets. "We are learning quite a bit about how the mobile is so important … [and] seeing a lot of human behaviour patterns," said Yong.