B2B marketing: Prototype the brand idea

Allen Adamson
Landor Associates

The traditional linear brand-building process should be ditched and B2B marketers should learn from software firms and use prototyping for brands.

To say the marketplace, across every category, is hyper-cluttered and hyper-competitive is an understatement. If you can identify something your customers, or potential customers, need and will find useful, don't think your competitors are resting on their laurels. First-mover advantage has never been more difficult to achieve.

As if certainty and speed weren't enough for marketers to grapple with, there is the branding itself. Consumers interact with brands and receive branding messages in more ways, places, and means than ever before. These consumers have more control of what they see, hear, do, turn on, and turn off. That branding must be powerful enough to break through this clamour and make an impression cannot be overstated.