What will brands look like in 2030?

Nick Liddell
Dragon Rouge

Brands will play a bigger role in our lives in 2030, but our relationship with them will be more assertive, as we become more responsible for sourcing our vital needs, take control of our own data and become ever more transient.

In December last year, Forbes' website featured an article called 'The Death of Mega-Brands', which predicted that "iconic brands like Tide… Chevrolet, Levi's, Nike, Coca-Cola, Wheaties, Cheerios, Skippy, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and on and on, are going to suffer a precipitous decline in relevance, in sales, and in share of market – or drop dead, at the very least." This sentiment is a familiar one. Branding's death knell has been tolling for a long time. Each year sees a raft of similar articles and thought-pieces predicting the demise of branding as we know it. Here are just a few examples from the past couple of years: 'The sudden death of brands', 'The death of brands as we know it', 'The death of brands is much closer than you think', 'Is social media the death of branding?', 'The death of branding', and my personal favourite, 'The Death of Branding and the Scam of Storytelling'.