PAM Cooking Spray: Haunted

Campaign details

Agency: DDB California, D exposito & partners, Possible Worldwide
Media: Mediacom, Spark
Research: Market Data Corporation, Wooldridge Associates, Inteligencia, Segmedica, Ipsos ASI, Sands Research, Communicus

PAM needed to reverse an ongoing share loss vs. Store Brands due to a perceived lack of differentiation and a roughly $1/can price premium. PAM's Marketing Strategy was to prove to brand switchers there was a difference between cooking sprays worth paying for. The Marketing Objective was to close the 10 point volume share gap vs. Store Brand cooking spray.

Starting with barriers research, we honed in on something potentially transformative: "residue build up on cookware." This was meaningful to both PAM switchers and loyalists. Further, we knew residue build up was linked to cooking spray and a broader competitive set like margarine and oil. This inspired R&D to develop a patented, demonstrably superior oil blend delivering up to 99% less residue build up than other products (Store Brand cooking sprays, oil, and margarine).