Kmart: Ship Your Pants

Campaign details

Agency: Draftfcb Chicago
Media: Havas
Research: Draftfcb Chicago


Kmart's reputation had taken a hit over the years and out-of-stocks was one of the issues. A complete logistics overhaul wasn't possible so our challenge was to find a marketing solution to an inventory problem. The answer was a little known service that made Kmart's vast online inventory available to in-store shoppers. But, before we could change the business we first had to change the negative conversations about Kmart that permeated social media.

Our research brought to life a new target for this service and the brand overall. Cross-cultural and growing in influence we called them The New America. We discovered that they are proud, empowered, and outspoken with an appetite for edgy, clever, boundary-pushing humor. Many are single moms who can't afford to waste time on out-of-stocks. Uncompromising, they find the emotional rewards of shopping come from finding the perfect item at a great price. To them, there is no second place in shopping.