Relentless innovation and "authentic" advertising drive growth for Samsung

Geoffrey Precourt

Todd Pendleton, the chief marketing officer of Samsung Telecommunications America, arrived at his new post in June 2011 with a hefty portfolio: he'd spent 15 years at Nike in a variety of roles, including Global Brand Communications Director.

At Samsung, he told the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) 2014 Brand Masters Conference in Hollywood, Florida, he's balanced this experience with a vision for the future: "We've taken the best of Nike, the best of Samsung, found the middle ground, and put a social [media] influence on top of it.

Pendleton insisted, "We put the customer first." And for companies with a strong product offering, he continued, new technologies are "leading the consumer" to new tiers of engagement. "You need to marry the two, take some risks and go to market. Not everything has to be perfect, or planned, or tested. You just go out there, take some chances, get some wins and have some fun … if possible."