India's soft power as its brand asset

Sangeeta Shrivastava
Centre for Research and Education
Pradeep Krishnatray
Galgotias University

'Soft power' is built on a country's culture, social values, domestic politics, and foreign policy. Sangeeta Shrivastava and Pradeep Krishnatray examine the nature of India's soft power, arguing that it is a type of national branding, and compares India's soft power to that of China.

India is argued to have built soft power through culture, including the popularity of Bollywood films and its cuisine, and through business, with Indian businesses and owners operating around the world. Bollywood, in particular, has helped India to build soft power in Africa and Asia, including the creation of opportunities to promote peace in Afghanistan. The country's low-cost approach to innovation has inspired businesses around the world. India's democracy, free press and independent judiciary are argued to be a soft power advantage over China, though poverty, illiteracy and corruption continue to hold back the country's reputation.