Brands must beware the lure of firework fame

Jeremy Bullmore

Firecracker ads that briefly light up the sky are no way to build brand fame. Better to go the snowball route.

There are  a couple of irrefutable facts about advertising and established, repeat-purchase brands that many marketing people find so scary that they choose to behave as if they didn't exist. So most marketing directors conceal them from their boards, most annual marketing plans ignore them all together and most advertising agencies pretend they have never heard of them. The facts are these:

  • Advertising for an established brand is unlikely to convert non-users to users.
  • Advertising for an established brand is unlikely to increase its volume sales or its share of market.

If you are a marketing director you think, "Omigod. Once my financial director gets wind of this, there goes my marketing budget." Because if you're a financial director, you think, "If advertising doesn't buy me growth, then what the hell is the point of advertising?"