Clorox Bleach: Bleach It Away

Kathryn Piasta, Alli Sherman and Michelle Babin

Campaign details

Brand owner: The Clorox Company
Agency: Ketchum
Brand: Clorox Bleach
Country: The United States

Executive summary

Life gets messy. Sometimes really, really messy – with the types of mess only bleach can clean up. As Clorox entered its centennial year, it was clear that many of today's younger consumers who inevitably deal with some of life's messiest moments do not know to reach for bleach. Ketchum and Clorox set out to get a new, younger generation, dubbed 'newly responsibles', reaching for the iconic bottle to clean up their mess – literally and figuratively. Enter Bleachable Moments, a frank and funny programme highlighting life's 'OMG Eww' moments that only bleach can solve, which engaged these newly responsibles with informative and authentic content worthy of sharing.