Vialand Theme Park: King Kong in Istanbul

Zuhre A. Erdogan

Campaign details

Brand owner: Vialand
Agency: Tribal Worldwide Istanbul
Brand: Vialand Theme Park
Country: Turkey

Executive summary

Turkey is not very rich in terms of theme parks or open-air entertainment playgrounds. When Vialand was announced, it created a real buzz that finally a metropolis like Istanbul would have the theme park it deserved. In order to position the brand as the unique theme park of Turkey, we had to pick a unique brand attribute that would help the brand cut through the clutter of social media.

For a theme park that was still under construction, thus had no powerful photographs of its fun sites, we had to create a fun world around it. We needed a conversation starter that had no risk of being boring. Plus, we only had social media as the medium, and no budget. The idea had to be powerful enough to launch itself.