McDonald's: Build your own burger - Social co-creation as recipe for success

Daan de Raaf and Joris Fonteijn

Campaign details

Brand owner: McDonald's
Agency: Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam (digital agency); TBWA\Neboko (advertising agency); MediaMonks (production company); OMD Nederland (media agency)
Brand: McDonald's
Country: The Netherlands

Executive summary

For the first time in Dutch history, burger lovers were able to influence McDonald's biggest icon: the burger. In order to maintain its position as market leader, McDonald's wanted to increase brand closeness between the target group (Dutch burger lovers) and the McDonald's brand (ie connecting to its fans more emphatically). To achieve this an integrated co-creation campaign was developed with a strong social heart.

This campaign revolved around burger fans creating their own favourite burger ('Build your own burger'), using a digital platform for building and sharing their creation with their social networks in order to gain as many votes as possible. The winner of the campaign would win a luxurious prize (VIP treatment) and gain status by starring in the television commercial of their winning burger and seeing the own creation on the McDonald's menu.