Volkswagen Golf: The One

Carsten Schneider and Sabine Moll

Campaign Details

Brand owner: Volkswagen AG
Agencies: DDB Team Blue/DDB Tribal Berlin/DDB Tribal Hamburg/Tribal DDB UK
Brand: Golf
Countries: Europe

Executive summary

During the eurozone crisis and dropping car sales the launch of Golf VII was in a bad starting position. Due to an extremely aggressive launch by Mercedes, the year of the Golf was in danger of becoming the year of the A-Class. And, in its seventh market-dominating incarnation, Golf verged on becoming boringly good to younger people. It ticked all the boxes but didn't excite. The challenge was making a market icon also a consumer icon.

Our campaign positioned Golf as the one essential answer for people in cars – the one born again, setting the standards for the future. So we inspired the people to make commitments to their one desert-island possession, the one thing that they want to have for the rest of their days. We didn't just talk about cars, but about life: about music, art, favourite food, sports teams; about love.