Tourism Australia: 101 Things to Love About Australia

Frederick Tong

Campaign details

Brand owner: Tourism Australia
Agency: Tribal Worldwide Singapore (primary); OMD (media)
Brand: Tourism Australia
Country: Singapore

Executive summary

For many Singaporeans, Australia seems like a familiar backyard: it's big, it's there but it's lost its allure. Add to that the rising Australian dollar and Australia's location – not conveniently connected with neighbours to facilitate a multi-destination holiday – and visitors from Singapore in the first quarter of 2012 saw a year-on-year decline. The goals were to persuade Singaporeans to prioritize Australia as a holiday destination, and in so doing reverse this slump.

The solution was 101 Things, one place to do them all. With social media as the hub of an integrated campaign (a first for Tourism Australia in Singapore), 101 Things challenged what Singaporeans thought they knew about Australia and involved them in discovering and creating content about less-known experiences and new takes on old favourites. This softened the ground for co-promotion of Scoot's new flights to Australia, while also building brand preference for a longer-term lift.