Porsche Centre Bahrain's 'Be A Part of Our History' Porsche Boxster

Alexander Broers and Mark Warman

Campaign details

Brand owner: Porsche Centre Bahrain
Agency: East Innovations
Brand: Porsche Boxster
Country: Bahrain

Executive summary

In 2012 Porsche Centre Bahrain, operating in a market recently recovering from severe political and social turmoil, recruited East Innovations to re-energise their marketing communications strategy in preparation for the upcoming arrival of the 2013 Porsche Boxster.

It marked the very first time that Porsche approved the outsourcing of strategic social-media marketing development and implementation, and would serve as a test pilot for dealerships throughout the region. During this test phase East Innovations was strictly observed and evaluated by Porsche Middle East in the development and implementation of all social-media-related campaigns.