The Airfood Project

Lucile Dreano and Maud Paget

Campaign details

Brand owner: Les Restaurants du Coeur
Agency: Havas Worldwide Paris
Brand: The Airfood Project
Country: Europe

Executive summary

This case study describes how, in 2011, The European Programme of Food Aid to the Most Deprived (MDP) was threatened with abolition, but an agreement signed by the 27 member states had extended it to the end of 2012. The aim of 'Les Restaurants du Coeur' was to prevent legislation abolishing the MDP from coming into force, and thus the idea to put pressure on European leaders by ensuring the public's involvement was born. The goal was to be heard, and the impact of the resulting campaign, the 'Airfood Project', was massive. As a result, in November 2013 political agreement was reached between the EU Parliament and the Council of Ministers, who approved a new fund and allocated a budget of €3.5bn over seven years.