Jaguar: Global social media strategy

Jordan Stone and Steve Cobelli

Campaign details

Brand owner: Jaguar Land Rover
Agency: We Are Social
Brand: Jaguar

Executive summary

This case study describes how the performance car manufacturer, Jaguar activated its social media strategy at a global level as well as in-market, in order to improve the familiarity and appeal of the brand and resonate with their primary audience: the 'Enlightened Entrepreneurs'. It examines in detail how the announcement of Jaguar's newest models was coordinated globally, as well as how two socially-led campaigns were executed: one by the global Jaguar team with local market execution in 19 markets; and the second at the UK market level. As a result, the familiarity and appeal of the Jaguar brand in the US, Germany and Italy rose to the highest level seen since the current measurement being used began in 2010, and in Russia and the UK, Jaguar's appeal also reached the highest level seen since 2010.