Mercedes A Class: #YouDrive

David Edwards

Campaign details

Brand owner: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: AMV BBDO, Maxus, Weapon 7 and Holler
Brand: A-Class
Country: UK

Executive summary

This case study describes how Mercedes-Benz monetised social engagement when real and virtual worlds converged in 'YouDrive'; the world's first television commercial that used social interaction to drive broadcast action in real time. The result was unprecedented levels of real-time social interaction, consideration and sales in the UK, and YouDrive achieved a return on marketing expenditure of over 9-to-1.

Low consideration for the Mercedes-Benz brand amongst drivers aged 25-44 years old presented a significant marketing challenge when faced with the launch of the new A-Class.

The small, five-door hatchback was positioned to attract the very buyers that didn't currently consider the brand.