Snickers: Hungry Tweets

Alex Lewis

Campaign details

Brand owner: Mars
Agency: AMV BBDO
Brand: Snickers
Country: UK

Executive summary

This case study shows how Snickers, who needed to create talk around its new UK campaign 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' before the TV advertising for it was to be launched, was able to do just that. Using just 25 intriguing celebrity tweets, the brand eventually reached over 26 million people and delivered a PR value of over 10 times the initial investment.

Market background and business objectives

For five years, Snickers had enjoyed enormous success in the UK with its Mr T-led advertising campaign. At the heart of this was its ability to make the brand a part of popular culture.

Indeed, it was during the time the brand was being talked about the most, following the withdrawal of the controversial 'Speedwalker' advert, that Snickers enjoyed its highest-ever value share: