Wild Turkey - The Turkey 10

Ian Czencz

Campaign details

Brand owner: Campari Australia
Agency: MATCH Media and SCA
Brand: Wild Turkey
Country: Australia

Executive summary

This is the story of an Australian campaign called 'Wild Turkey – The Turkey 10', which tapped into one of its target's passions, sport, in a way that built the campaign from the grassroots up, generated its content from Wild Turkey drinkers themselves, and totally re-engineered the way Campari utilised social media, content integration and digital; eventually going on to win numerous media awards.

Wild Turkey Bourbon was Australia's number three bourbon brand in its category, behind Jack Daniel's and Jim Beam, and as well as having advertising budgets that were more than double the size of that for Wild Turkey, research revealed that the two top brands had much stronger awareness scores. People had heard of Wild Turkey when prompted but, by and large, it was simply not in the target's consideration set when thinking about bourbon.