Purina ONE: Engagement and proximity

Myriam Samaoli, Philippe Torloting and Charlene Gelder

Campaign details

Brand owner: Nestlé
Agency: Moxie
Brand: Purina ONE
Country: France

Executive summary

Purina ONE already possessed a large community on Facebook, but this case study shows how it set out to increase its community and, at the same time, retain a good activation rate. This included gaining a proximity with the target on Facebook and the diffusion of viral videos on the YouTube channel, the results for which included a total of 111,000 Facebook fans to date; reaching number one in France for 'active users' on Facebook's pet-care pages, and number three for their 'engagement rate' and 'number of fans'.

Market background and business objectives

The aims were:

  • To install the brand in a long-term relationship of proximity and quality with the target
  • To transmit all highlights of the brand
  • To increase the number of fans on the page, and keep the engagement rate at 2.95% (the best engagement rate of any Nestlé pages)
  • To reach 120,000 fans on the brand page (which had been created in January 2010) by the end of December 2013.