Tic-Tac celebrates creativity

Gaël Solignac-Erlong, Valérie Schetzel and Aurélie Talbi

Campaign details

Brand owner: Ferrero Group
Agency: Moxie
Brand: Tic-Tac
Country: France

Executive summary

In this case study, the objective for Tic-Tac France was to interact with their target audience on Facebook and create the strongest possible engagement through the diffusion of Tic-Tac content, in order to build a strong relationship with the community. Furthermore, Tic-Tac wanted to celebrate their fans' creativity by organising a contest called 'Design Ton Pack' (which translates as 'Design Your Pack'). In addition, professional artists were also asked to submit pack designs in order to create engagement and buzz, which was certainly achieved when Tic-Tac reached the top seven of France's food pages and gained a reach of 1.1 million fans on Facebook.