More Facebook Likes are not always better

Ed Hartigan

A new study found Facebook Likes generate an unconscious and immediate effect on brand perception but while the positive perception is very steep as Likes increase from a low to medium level, they tail off between medium and high.

Social media has become an established part of the marketing and communications mix and brands now spend millions worldwide on trying to maximise customer engagement online, including trying to increase the number of Likes on the most popular social media platform, Facebook.

Even though the industry is maturing, marketers still seem to follow a 'more is always better' strategy, despite there being little evidence to support such a position. Even if more is often better, there are increasing questions from brands on whether Facebook Likes could be subject to the law of diminishing returns. It may be worth spending a good portion of a marketing or communications budget to raise a company's Facebook Likes from say, 0 to 20,000, but is it worth spending a proportional amount on an increase from 2 million to 3 million? And why would Facebook Likes even matter in the first place?